The Power of Pure Water

Top 7 Summer Ice Drinks for your Office!

Drinks with ice are a real treat in your office anytime but especially in summer months. Regular visits to the water cooler help employees stay hydrated. Chewable ice machines that use reverse osmosis for water purification are the perfect workpla...

August 15, 2018

Pure Water Technology Buys Pure Water First in San Francisco

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Pure Water Technology Buys Pure Water First in San Francisco, Customers to be serviced by corporate-owned Fremont, CA Branch, Chicago – March 28, 2018 – Pure Water Technology – PHSI®, the leading manufacturer...

March 28, 2018
Classic Ice Cube image

The 5 Basic Types of Ice

Ice machines have a way to go before they catch up with nature, as far as the different kinds of ice they offer. Scientists say there are 17 different forms of natural ice. There are only six basic types of ice created from ice machines! Ice makes...

February 1, 2018
businessman drinking a glass of water

Benefits of Chewable Ice  

Chewable ice is like a dream come true for countless people who love to chomp on ice. There are various benefits to chewing ice, largely based on health conditions, but hard chunks of ice can be very damaging to teeth. When you chew on chewable ic...

January 19, 2018
Hurricane image

How do Hurricanes affect our Drinking Water?

Hurricanes create danger and destruction on multiple levels, and the impact on drinking water is one that potential victims should especially be prepared for. Common disasters hurricane victims are forced to deal with include power outages, destro...

December 28, 2017
Groundwater issues

Is There a Bridge Over Troubled Groundwater?

The state of America’s groundwater has been in the news a good bit lately. While the controversy over the city of Flint dominated the headlines in 2015 – the trouble with their water started as early as 2007,  there are hundreds more groundwa...

November 13, 2017
WQA image

Water Treatment Certification: Is it That Important?

Finding quality products in a marketplace flooded with options can be challenging. How can you tell if a product is safe, reliable, durable and capable of meeting the claims made on its packaging and in its literature? If you’re using a point-of...

October 6, 2017
bad tasting water

Why Does My Water Taste Like This?

You come in from a run or working in the yard and need some water. Turn on the tap, fill a glass and take a nice long drink expecting a refreshing taste. But what if that doesn’t happen? Your water might taste off. Maybe it’s the taste of blea...

August 25, 2017
What's in your water?

Chloramines in Your Drinking Water: Safe or Harmful?

Chloramines may be something you’ve never heard of before but they’ve been in your drinking water for a while. For some cities, it’s been nearly 100 years. Let’s back up a moment. What are chloramines and why should you be interested in th...

August 14, 2017
Water cooler talk

Do You Know What’s Lurking In Your Office Water?

Think about your drinking water in the office. What’s in there besides water? Usually it’s the tap water you worry most about when it comes to bacteria and contaminants. In order to combat the uncertainty of municipal water, many offices opt f...

July 27, 2017
water delivery man

The Top 5 Hidden Costs of Water Delivery

Beyond the direct cost advantages of moving to a bottleless water cooler solution, there are a lot of hidden costs behind traditional water delivery as well. These include: Managing your plastic jug inventory and storage space A 2017 article from ...

July 11, 2017
green 5 gallon jug

Bottled Water’s Dirty Little Secrets!

Just when you think you might be safe avoiding germs and contaminants, bottled water rears its ugly head and exposes its dirty little secrets. You might think that a 5-gallon jug of bottled water is the best method to keep workers healthy and safe...