Benefits of Chewable Ice  

Chewable ice is like a dream come true for countless people who love to chomp on ice. There are various benefits to chewing ice, largely based on health conditions, but hard chunks of ice can be very damaging to teeth. When you chew on chewable ice, less stress is placed on the teeth plus you still get the enjoyment that makes it a habit of sorts.

Benefits of chewing ice

Chewable ice has benefits mostly because those who habitually chew on ice can avoid more damaging forms of frozen water and at the same time get more gratification out of it. The following are among the reasons people find themselves passionate about ice-crunching:

  • Individuals who have an iron deficiency often develop the habit of chewing ice. According to experts, the ice provides relief from discomfort in the mouth or oral inflammations, caused by a deficiency of iron. A recent study shows that, for people who are anemic, ice is similar to drinking a cup of strong coffee. People suffering from anemia often become foggy-brained and fatigued, and the ice helps to get more blood to the brain quickly, providing a perky feeling.
  • Chewing ice can provide relief for dry mouth and for the discomfort that occurs when a person stops smoking cigarettes. It is also a stress-relieving and boredom-relieving habit as well as a strategy people use to eat less and lose weight.
  • Pregnant women find relief from ice chewing for various reasons. Morning sickness is often relieved by chewing ice, especially since food can bring on fresh waves of nausea. Heartburn is a typical problem during pregnancy, and the ice soothes a tortured esophagus. Increased blood volume during pregnancy can mean feeling much more uncomfortably hot that normal. Finally, iron deficiency, mentioned above, is a common problem during pregnancy, one that ice-crunching relieves.

Chewable Ice

Chewable ice has all kinds of nicknames, such as pellets, pebbles, Nuggets, and Chewblets, the last two of which have names given by ice machine manufacturers. Whatever you call chewable ice, it’s a much better ice-chewing alternative to the hard chunks that can break off tooth enamel.

Chewable ice is created very differently than cubed ice, as the process starts with producing flakes, similar to shave ice! Inside a chewable or Chewblet ice machine, water runs through a metal cylinder which is cooled by refrigeration. Water freezes in small sheets that stick out from the side of the cylinder. While this is happening, a scraper, scrapes the inside of the cylinder, removing the forming ice pieces and moving them up to the top of the scraper. An arm pushes the ice through a small tube and compacts it into a semi-solid piece. The ice is pushed all the way through the tube (extruded) and a blade cuts the ice into pieces as it exits the tube. Then the ice drops into the ice machine storage area.

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Where to get Chewable Ice

Pure Water Technology offers multiple office drinking water solutions, including a variety of chewable ice machines. Just like their water, this ice has been purified by reverse osmosis, so now your water and ice are completely pure! Visit today to learn about getting a chewable ice machine for your business.