Top 7 Summer Ice Drinks for your Office!

Summer Ice Drinks

Drinks with ice are a real treat in your office anytime but especially in summer months. Regular visits to the water cooler help employees stay hydrated. Chewable ice machines that use reverse osmosis for water purification are the perfect workplace addition for employers and employees alike. Employees can enjoy their favorite ice drinks without having to wait for after hours. This encourages workplace satisfaction and higher productivity levels, which benefits employers.

1-Iced Water

Chewable ice makes water more enticing to drink. The advantages include: giving skin a healthy glow, making hair look shinier, keeping employees more alert, and boosting the immune system. Employers can appreciate that cold water wakes you up! It activates cold sensors that increase the heart rate and provides a surge of energy-boosting adrenaline.

2-Iced Coffee

Iced coffee can provide the essential caffeine boost with the additional advantage of cool and invigorating ice. There are advantages to drinking iced coffee instead of hot coffee in the summer months. Ice keeps body temperatures cooler and employees hydrated. Get the caffeine fix you need without the heat!

3-Iced Tea

With a chewable ice machine installed, employees can enjoy the many benefits of drinking iced tea during the workday. Other than water, tea is the best way to hydrate. Iced tea also boosts antioxidants; and it’s better than carbonated drinks, which contain about 9 ½ teaspoons of sugar. Iced tea can help prevent cavities, fight cancer, and more.

4-Lemon Water

Iced lemon water is another healthy option that employees can enjoy with a chewable ice machine in the office. Lemons and other citrus fruits have high vitamin C content, which protects cells from free radicals. Iced lemon water can also freshen breath, aid in digestion, and provide other health benefits.

6-Raspberry Italian Soda

For a more indulgent iced drink, it can be nice to enjoy an Italian Soda. This refreshing iced drink is made with sparkling water and the flavored syrup of your choice. You can choose raspberry, vanilla, amaretto, or any number of other flavors. Add sparkling water, and flavored syrup to a glass of chewable ice, and voilà!

7-Classic Lemonade

Iced lemonade is another iced drink that is ideal for summertime enjoyment at the office. This classic beverage is delicious with rejuvenating chewable ice.

Pure Water Technology offers chewable ice machines that use reverse osmosis to ensure that your water and ice are completely pure.

To learn about providing a chewable ice machine at your business, visit today. Employees will appreciate the opportunity to enjoy these top summer iced drinks in the workplace.