Why This Industry?

Water is life; we need it to survive and to thrive.

The safety of our drinking water is a top environmental concern — the kind with heartbreaking headlines. Combine that with the pollution created by the bottled water solution: do we have any other choice but filtration technology?

The water purification business is now a multi-billion dollar one.If you embody an entrepreneurial spirit and want to connect to a cause that will make our world and its people healthier, this is your stop. And this is where you start.

As a part of Pure Water Technology®, you will be the change you want to see in the world. You will know each and every day that you are improving our environment; one crystal clear drop at a time.

Launch your career. Start your first business. Establish a recurring revenue model that you can easily sell to finance your retirement.

Whatever your goals, you may just have found your purpose. Just take a minute to drink it all in. It’s good stuff.

Air and Water Contamination

Water bottles pollute. Of the 1 million plastic bottles manufactured per minute, only 9% of those are recycled. Factor in the manufacturing and transportation process which spews millions of impurities into the air, we are creating a planet in crisis.

We are not just polluting the air we breathe, we are drinking water we believe we can trust; yet it contains plastic that leaches from the bottle itself. This problem holds true for those 5-gallon monstrosities in breakrooms across the country, which are so cumbersome they can’t be handled in a sanitary fashion.

Superior water filtration is the answer. Pure Water Technology® systems provide an endless supply of eco-friendly drinking water with Technology For a Healthy Planet™.

Truth is In the Numbers

Bottled water is an $8.6 billion business. It is also one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. market. The water & wastewater treatment equipment market was valued at USD 23.20 Billion in 2016 and is projected to reach USD 33.22 Billion by 2022.

According to Zenith International Ltd. in February 2016, point-of-use filtration growth went from a 16% share of the U.S. water cooler market in 2010 with a projection of 31% by 2020. The industry has enjoyed double-digit growth for five consecutive years and is expected to continue over the next five.

Awareness of issues with tap water took center stage with the crisis in Flint, Michigan. Our industry offers the opportunity to educate people on the benefits of certified water filtration. No bottles, no waste. Just pure water.

Live Better with Genuine Hydration

People are more health conscious and pure, fresh water is essential to maintaining a fit, well-hydrated body. The bottled water industry did a great job of making water a portable beverage.

With the increased interest is being proactive about health and wellness by being more active, water is the only true replenishment. If you look around the gym and on bike trails lately you will notice how many more people are refueling with reusable water bottles full of freshly filtered water.

Water makes up 65-70% of the human body. From a science perspective and from a pure refreshment one, it is the beverage of choice, the best drink in the house, the way to healthy hydration.

Lift Your Glass to Freshness

Many of today’s companies make best efforts to stock their breakrooms with fruits instead of donuts and high protein snacks in favor of sugar-infused vending machines. Employees who eat better during the day are most focused and alert. Encouraging better nutrition also works to boost immune systems and help cut down on sick days.

What about beverages? What are the options? Filling the frig with bottled water that requires replenishment and recycling, or stowing and heaving 5-gallon water jugs onto a dispenser? These options are messy and cumbersome. Their cost over time adds up.

A point-of-use water filtration system is connected to a building’s water supply and is always there – fresh and ready. Monthly maintenance keeps the units working optimally. Life is refreshingly good.

No Need to Overcomplicate the Easy Stuff

Companies and healthcare facilities focus their best efforts on providing excellent products and services. They haven’t the time to manage the aspects of their operation that should be easy.

Water purification products that are certified for meeting the highest standards for safety and performance are the ideal fit for places concerned about their employee and patient health.

Bottleless water coolers provide:

  • Quick & Easy Maintenance
  • No Need to Store or Lift Heavy Bottles
  • No Fluctuating Water Bills
  • Continuous Supply of Hot & Cold Purified Water
  • Long Term Performance and Sustainability
  • Unparalleled Customer Service

Superior drinking water is easily achieved when provided by a point-of-use filtration system. It’s clean and it’s green. (Green in the good, environmentally-friendly way!)

Water Wins the Beverage Battle

The soda aisle in the supermarket is probably one of the most well-stocked. Typically occupying the shelving on both sides, it would seem hard to believe that sales of water surpassed those of soda.

However, according to a study by Euromonitor in August 2016, “On a per capita basis, bottled water consumption exceeded 39 gallons compared with 38.5 gallons for soda.”

Soda has been the beverage of choice for years. But it is fattening, bad for teeth, and serves to deplete calcium – particularly in women. It doesn’t refresh and replenish like pure water does. Water is just a better beverage.

“The top benefit of being a PWT dealer is the unique business model and captive finance program that our competitors do not have. I was also especially impressed with the product and the quality of the water. PHSI corporate offices have a great team and I’m delighted to work with them.”

– John Burkholder, Pure Water Technology
Central Pennsylvania – PWT Dealer Since 2005 – Copier/Printer Industry

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