Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy with bottled water. Why should we switch?

Bottled water is an alternative to drinking tap water; however, it’s an unhealthy choice due to bacteria growth in the reservoir. It’s also unfriendly to the environment. Annually, thousands of companies in the United States have made the switch from bottled water to our purification systems.

Is bottle-less water really better than traditional water coolers?

Definitely.  Bottle-less water coolers offer more convenience, and greater environmental benefits over traditional, plastic bottle water coolers. Plus, our state-of-the-art coolers use advanced technologies and stainless steel to eliminate your exposure to endocrine-disrupting and other chemicals that may leach into water from plastics, all of which works to provide you with the purest, healthiest, and best-tasting water possible.

We are already using a filtration system. How are your systems different?

Filtration is an alternative to bottled water or a water fountain. But unfortunately, it comes way short of providing you with the purity and great taste available with our purification systems using reverse osmosis and activated oxygen injection. Over one third of our current customers used filtration systems before switching to our purification systems.

How would you run water lines in our facility?

Our systems are installed in a similar manner as a refrigerator ice maker. They connect using the finest John Guest lines and fittings available. The lines run through walls and over ceiling tiles just like CAT5 computer cabling. Some of our installations are in manufacturing environments over two football fields long! Pure Water Technology is fully insured and qualified to install systems in all types of environments.

Is the installation process difficult? How long does it take?

Installing a water cooler is much like installing a coffeemaker. It is just as easy, and it only takes about an hour.

Does Pure Water Technology serve residential as well as commercial customers?

No, not at this time.

Will switching to a bottle-less cooler increase our electricity or water bill?

The energy usage of a bottle-less water cooler is equivalent to that of a traditional bottled water cooler, so your power bill should not change. Because they filter tap water, PWT coolers may increase your water bill by about couple of dollars per month, a negligible cost when compared to the expenses of bottled water.

Can PWT install a water cooler in a place that isn’t next to a water source?

Yes. Most offices and homes have a water source that can be easily tapped for a PWT water system, and the source does not have to be nearby to the cooler location.

How is using PWT water coolers a “green” solution?

Pure Water Technology’s filtered bottle-less water coolers are a green solution with a definite positive impact on our environment. Replacing just one traditional water cooler will decrease your carbon footprint as much as planting 120 trees each year, and bottle-less water coolers help reduce greenhouse gases, fossil fuel waste, air pollution, and landfill waste caused by the manufacture and use of plastic water bottles.

What is the difference between Reverse Osmosis and Ultrafine Membrane Technology?

A Reverse Osmosis membrane has a .0001 micro semi-permeable membrane that allows clean water molecules to flow through while rejecting contaminants, dissolved solids, and other particles, thus removing sediment, toxic metals, bacteria, and chemicals. Similarly, an Ultrafine Membrane is .01 microns and acts like a mechanical filter, straining particles, toxins, micro-organisms, and viruses from your water. Both filters effectively purify water.

Do PWT bottle-less water cooler filters remove fluoride for the water?

The choice is yours. With PWT, you have the freedom to choose what type of cooler and filtration system best meets your needs. Coolers with Reverse Osmosis remove fluoride from the tap water, while those that use an Ultrafine Membrane filter do not.

Who will change the filters on my water cooler?

Our expert technician will come on regularly scheduled visits to change your filters and perform preventative maintenance on your coolers. They work to ensure your coolers are always functioning at their best and providing you with healthy, filtered drinking water.

How can I order parts?

Service is included with any PWT unit. If you need a replacement part, contact customer service at 877-594-7873 and we can schedule a technician to come out to your business. If you are an approved, current PWT Dealer, you can order parts through using your dealer login.