The Power of Pure Water

green 5 gallon jug

Bottled Water’s Dirty Little Secrets!

Just when you think you might be safe avoiding germs and contaminants, bottled water rears its ugly head and exposes its dirty little secrets. You might think that a 5-gallon jug of bottled water is the best method to keep workers healthy…
Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis: The Key to Safe Drinking Water

The phrase “reverse osmosis” [RO] is something you may have heard recently especially with the water crisis in Michigan. How does reverse osmosis impact your everyday drinking water? Before we jump into why it is more critical today than…

Bottleless Water Coolers: Save on Cost and Keep Employees Healthy

Bottleless Water Coolers Does your office still use those clunky, 5-gallon plastic jugs for water? While they were a great solution back in the 1970s and 1980s, they now pose enough of a health hazard … not to mention skyrocketing cost ……
Office Breakroom

3 Ways to Manage Office Breakroom Tensions

“I think Vanessa’s been eating my lunch again.” “Ugh…whose sandwich is this!!?? It’s been in here for over a month!” “Stop leaving your dirty dishes in the sink, people!” Every office has the same office breakroom…
Bottled Water Landfills

Think Spring Water is Pure and Clean? Think Again

Think Spring Water is Pure and Clean? Think Again What do you envision when the words “spring water” are said? Do you picture a secluded natural spring of unmatched beauty with clear water tumbling over rocks? That’s exactly what bottled…
dirty hands

Dirty Hands, Dirty Water

Dirty Hands, Dirty Water Imagine this scenario: Your 5-gallon water jug in the office breakroom is empty. You wait for someone to change it but everyone else is waiting, too. Finally, you direct Dave the intern to pluck the empty bottle…
lead in pipes

U.S. Water Concerns: Issues with Pipes, Sewers. & Groundwater

U.S. Water Concerns: Issues with Pipes, Sewers. & Groundwater You've likely heard all about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan that started in 2014. The city was having issues with its budget, so to save money; the state switched the city's…