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Experience the Taste of Pure Water with Pure Water Technology

Pure Water Technology provides the best drinking water solution for your office. Our products deliver glass after glass of pure drinking water at the touch of a button while keeping our world and your workplace healthy. Schedule a free consultation and receive a YETI water bottle ($29.99 retail value).

Product Family


  • Cleaner Water

    The water from your current bottled cooler may not be as PURE as you think. Water contamination can occur from the moment of water injection at the factory to the time the bottle is unsealed and lifted into the cooler.

  • Convenience

    Consistently lifting 5-gallon jugs can lead to back, knee and even shoulder pain. Not to mention the storage, the mess of the empty jugs and the weekly or monthly disruption of a delivery person entering your office to unload/load jugs.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Going Green in your workplace starts by eliminating bottled water coolers and replacing it with bottle-less water coolers. Bottled water companies promote an image of health and wellness, yet the life cycle of a bottle impacts the workplace and the world we live in.

Get a Free YETI Water Bottle* when you Schedule a Water Test

*YETI water bottle to be delivered at time of consultation. Subject to availability. Offer only valid in Orange County area. Consultation should take 15-30 minutes.