Provide your members with the latest in purified drinking water for a low monthly fee!

Pure Water Technology is the only Snap Fitness preferred vendor for water systems.

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Stand out from the competition. Keep your members happy, healthy and hydrated with a Pure Water Technology point-of-use water cooler.

Keep your members hydrated, happy and healthy with a 3i or 3i[+] point-of-use water cooler.

  • Added boost of electrolytes, with all the same benefits as name brands like: Fiji, smartwater, Evian and Voss – all day long – for a fraction of the cost
  • A continuous supply of refreshing drinking water, no mess or plastic bottle expense
  • Reverse osmosis purification removes heavy metals like lead, chromium and mercury
  • Activated oxygen injection increases oxygen levels in the water – revitalizing your clients after a hard workout – and kills bacteria in the water tank
  • CleanContact™ antimicrobial touchpad reduces cross contamination
  • Tall lighted dispense area is perfect for filling large water bottles

Does your current water solution provide you with:

Pure Water Benefits 3i[+]
Continuous Supply of Pure Water
Water Contaminant Removal
Elimination of Bacteria in Water Tank
CleanContactTM Antimicrobial Surfaces
Tall Lighted Dispense Area for Water Bottles
Activated Oxygenated Water
pH/Electrolyte Enhanced
High Alkaline Content
Reduced Sodium Content
Exclusive Snap Fitness Franchisee Pricing!* $79.95
*Price reflects monthly fee.

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