Environmentally Friendly

Water bottles pollute. The manufacturing and transportation process alone spews millions of impurities into the air we breathe.

What’s good for you is also good for the environment. When you replace those cases of water in the fridge or eliminate the need for the 5-gallon monstrosities (that are difficult to lift and set without spilling water all over the place!) you will immediately reduce the carbon footprint of your business and make a positive impact on the environment, save money, and make life easier for the person in charge of the company drinking water (maybe that’s you!).

Pure Water Technology® systems provide an endless supply of pure eco-friendly drinking water with Technology for a Healthy Planet™.


The Healthier Choice

Behind the benefits of clean and restorative water for the body and soul, are some facts we think are pretty impressive!

Our CleanContact™ technology:

  • Infuses the unit’s touchpad and surrounding surfaces with an organic, anti-microbial ingredient that protects against cross-contamination of germs.
  • Reduces 98% or more of bacteria on CleanContact surfaces compared to surfaces that are not treated at all, including microbes like: Escherichia coli (E. coli), Staphylococcus aureus (Oro staphira).

Clean water tastes better:

  • Our Point-of-use water units deliver a multi-stage purification process including ozone disinfection that removes 96% of total dissolved solids, organics (PCBs, chlorine, pharmaceuticals) and harmful bacteria & viruses.
  • Water is stored in a stainless-steel holding tank and is auto-sanitized daily to eliminate bacteria, viruses and odor.
  • Activated Oxygen Injection oxygenates the water during the Auto Tank Sanitization process, for Freshness You Can Taste™.


When you’re at the office, there are plenty of things requiring your attention. That’s why they call it “work” right?

Besides outfitting your business with the best water purification products that are certified to meet the highest standards for safety and performance, we like to make your life a bit easier too.

Our bottleless water coolers provide:

  • Quick & Easy Maintenance – We do it all for you, including filter changes and service
  • No Need to Store or Lift Heavy Bottles
  • No Fluctuating Water Bills
  • Continuous Supply of Hot & Cold Purified Water
  • Long Term Performance and Sustainability
  • Unparalleled Customer Service

We give you one less thing to worry about, and a superior quality of pure drinking water for you, your team and guests. And it’s a green solution!

These accreditations are not commonplace in the industry.  They are hard-won accomplishments that are independent endorsements attesting to the integrity and performance of our products and the quality of our drinking water.



Through hard work by dedicated (and well-hydrated!) professionals, we have exceeded any bar set for quality. That’s something to shout about. Not every water purification company has these bragging rights.

At Pure Water Technology, we manufacture our products in a state of the art facility to ensure the highest quality control. Our modern factory is a state-of-the-art ISO 9001 and 14001 facility.

Most importantly, our pure water systems are tested and certified to the highest North American and European standards for safety and performance, including:


These accreditations are not commonplace across-industry. They are hard-won accomplishments that are endorsements attesting to the integrity of our products.