Here’s what our satisfied customers are saying about Pure Water Technology!

“We have been using Pure Water Technology water coolers for more than 4 years now. We provide water to all of our employees and customers. Our customers love how the water tastes!”

Nelson Cabrera, Manager
CarX Tire & Auto – Chicago, IL

“Its convenient and very green because we aren’t throwing away plastic water bottles every week, nor do we have to rely on a delivery service.  Hot, cold and it’s distilled…it’s perfect for all size offices since it saved shelf space.”

Jennifer Cho, DDS
Berkley Dentist – Berkley, CA

“We moved from 5 gallon bottled water to Pure Water Technology’s water cooler in order to cut operational spending. Not only were we able to reduce cost, I’m told all the time how fresh the water tastes! In addition, we never run out or have to wait for a delivery and the customer service is excellent, all of my questions were answered immediately.”

Vicki Reiber, Executive Assistant
Ruby’s Diner – Orange County, CA

“After finding out that the water coming from the tap was higher quality than the bottled water we were giving to our clients, we decided to move to Pure Water Technology (PWT) services because it proved to be the definition of pure water. PWT’s water is oxygenated allowing for our client’s muscles to recover and re-­stabilize. As a franchisee, we are pushing for PWT to be franchise-­wide because it’s cost-­effective, easy to install and it comes in an unlimited supply!”

Carol Coleman, Franchisee
The Exercise Coach Studio – Libertyville, IL

“Our initial focus was to reduce our monthly 5-­‐gallon bottled water expense, but found several other benefits of using Pure Water Technology! There are no liability concerns with our staff lifting the five-gallon bottles of water, the water stations are never empty, our guests and staff believe the taste of the water is better, and there are no holding tank bacteria issues! Coming from the hospitality industry, we know customer service; we are extremely pleased with the professionalism of their service staff.”

Brad A. Weimer, General Manager
Indian Wells Resort Hotel – Indian Wells, CA

“I am very grateful that our school switched to Pure Water Technology.  I am extremely happy with the service that we have been receiving.  Whenever there is an issue, they are quick to respond and someone is at our campus resolving the issue within a couple of days.  We have actually saved lots of money by switching to this system versus having water bottles delivered to us.  The water tastes good and clean and my staff of about 80 people enjoys the hot and cold water option available to them all the time.  I would highly recommend this system to offices and schools.”

Viola Lew, Assistant Principal
Merryhill School – Milpitas, CA