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As a worldwide leader in point-of-use drinking water technology with over 800,000 water purification systems in businesses across the United States and internationally, we’ve offered a lucrative program to help individuals start their own company and become successful dealers.

This opportunity offers world class products, effective sales & marketing support and guaranteed recurring revenue streams – all while being your own boss.

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The folks at Pure Water Technology were very helpful with training and instruction during our initial start up, and they continue to support our growing business. As a Dealer I feel like I am truly part of a larger team and when help or advise is needed it is just a phone call away. As a small business owner uncertainty is one of the biggest obstacles. Pure Water Technology removes a lot of that uncertainty and provides the support its dealers need to be successful.
Taylor Henderson
Pure Water Technology of Central Connecticut
Going to market with the leading POU system has always given my dealership an competitive edge, simply put you can’t get water any better than PHSI system can produce.
Allen Beckner
Pure Water Technology of Western Virginia
PWT has the best and most advanced units on the market today. Instead of resting on their laurels, they continue to push the envelope in terms of design and technology. Tony, Todd and their whole team have been incredibly supportive to Optimum as we grow.
Barry Snyder
Optimum Water
After 14 years as a Pure Water Technology dealer, I still feel starting this business was the best decision I could have made. The product, is the highest end purification system in the industry and the support from the manufacturer has been tremendous!
John Burkholder
PWT of Central PA